These are what guide us...


Mission Statement

Showing Love, Offering Grace, Expecting Transformation, Making Disciples

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a multigenerational and multiethnic community of people who are: gathering to be the Church, sending out to be involved and intentional in the community and our neighborhoods, and planting churches, so that our church is a beacon of light in dark places for unchurched and dechurched people.


Value – People matter to God and they matter to us. We strive to see the image of God in all people and our hope is that we will see others as God sees them as opposed to viewing them through the lens of our bias. 


Care – We want to do our best to be good neighbors and to care about the needs of those around and among us. We desire to be proactive in our effort to see a need and meet a need. 


Discipleship – We want people to become fully developed followers of Christ, people who follow Jesus over self and see the action of life as worship to God. 


Scripture – We value scripture in context, as it is our narrative that we continue to find ourselves in and it is the final authority for all matters of faith and practice. 


Involvement – We believe in the priesthood of all believers and that every member should have a ministry. 


Risk – We desire to have a risk taking faith, the best Kingdom efforts are those, which God has to be in them or they will fail. 


Efficiency – We have been blessed with a great amount of resources the greatest of all being our people, therefore we want to use all of our resources whether monetary or manpower to their fullest potential.